Andis Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

The Andis Fade Master Clipper is a heavy-duty clipper designed for prolonged use and tough hair cutting jobs. It features unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing making it one of the most durable clippers on the market. It has a powerful magnetic motor that runs at 14,000 strokes per minute but stays quiet and cool for a calm cut. A single lever adjusts clipper blades from fine to coarse length and the thumb controlled side switch makes it easy to use with one hand. It’s an all-around clipper perfect for tapering.

Andis Fade Master® Adjustable Blade Clipper

SKU: 01690
    • An all-around tool for styling and barbering
    • Fully adjustable lever adjusts clipper blades, removing the need for multiple blades
    • Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing for years of dependable service
    • Oil blade before every use.Strokes per Minute7200 spm.
    • Magnetic motor that's powerful but stays quiet and cool. Screws needs to be tightened before using the item, to prevent buzzing noise