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 After cleansing with Bearded Soldier Beard Wash you are ready for our General's Blend Beard Butter. Our beard butters are designed to nourish, groom and moisturize a dry unruly beard. Our butter works by hydrating you hair fibers and skin which puts and end to that itchy beard we are all to familiar with. Our butters aim at keeping your beard healthy and soft while giving it a slight hold. Choose our General's Blend for the softest, best smelling beard you've ever had. A market leading full 8 oz. size.

General's Blend Beard Butter 8 oz.


    ​​​​​​​After washing your beard with Bearded Soldier Beard Wash your ready to move on to Bearded Soldier Beard Wash.  Apply enough to work completely through a towel dried beard focusing on getting close to the skin. Reapply as needed or throughout the day when grooming is needed. Use daily for optimum results. 

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